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Now You Know…

You may have questions about your special collectible and how to ensure it. Here are some of the most common ones that we are asked.

How do you know what my car is worth?

We are passionate collectors of classic and exotic cars and have evaluated the worth of thousands of unique automobiles. We can present you with a professional evaluation, based on years of first-hand experience.

Why should I use a specialist to ensure my classic car?

You likely do not treat your classic or exotic car as you do your standard vehicles, so you shouldn’t ensure it the same way. For instance, an insurer with that same love and passion for rare cars can tailor an insurance plan that fits your needs as a collector. This plan can take into account repair and replacement costs, mileage use and the unique evaluations of these types of automobiles.

Does it cost more to ensure my exotic auto than my everyday car?

It actually could cost you less if you choose the right insurer. Specialized insurers such as LA Exotic Auto Insurance realize that most collectors drive their vehicles only sparingly and take much better care of their collectable cars than the normal car owner. Keep in mind, however, that replacement parts for classic cars can often by pricier than for standard autos.

How do you determine what my rates will be?

We consider basic factors such as your driving record, how you plan to use your vehicle and your car’s value. Unlike standard vehicles, rare and classic cars usually appreciate in value, rather than depreciate.

If I have more than one exotic car, will it also be covered under the plan?

As with any kind of auto insurance, each car is an individual matter. But we work with our clients to provide them with attractive multi-vehicle plans, often with single liability enabling you to pay only once for liability protection, no matter how many cars in your classic collection.

How do I know if my automobile is considered to be exotic or classic?

That definition can vary, depending on many factors. But for the most part, these types of automobiles tend to be high performance with correspondingly high ticket prices. They can often be quite rare or fall into certain brand categories such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston Martin and Maserati, among others, including American icons such as GTO or Ford Shelby.