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Properly Insure Your Exotic Car

You’ve earned it…that one-of-a-kind supercar that defies description and embodies power and exclusivity. Whether it’s a BMW i8, Bugatti Chiron, McLaren 650S or any other exquisite vehicle in that rarefied air, you want to be sure that your road treasure is always protected.

Though many auto insurance companies claim to have that capability, only bona fide exotic car insurers like LA Exotic Auto Insurance can give you the customized service and peace of mind that you demand. We are owners and collectors ourselves – we understand your passion and know the intricacies of ensuring these valuable machines. You can expect:

  • Personally designed insurance
  • Complimentary roadside assistance
  • Guaranteed flatbed towing
  • Generous usage allowances
  • Coverage for car clubs, events and shows
  • Certified collector experts to serve you


Custom insurance coverage designed specifically for your exotic car from pros who understand exotic cars.


Save up to 30% over standard auto insurance rates, with generous usage terms that let you drive for fun and leisure anytime!


Choose your own repair shop, with no deductible in many cases. Get roadside assistance, with guaranteed flatbed towing.

Save up to 30% over standard family auto insurance

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